Hilt’s offers a variety of locally produced meats and poultry.  Pepperettes and jerky available. Other products available on request!


CutPrice Per PoundAvailability
Local Beef Sides$4.49In Stock
Ribeye Steaks$17.99In Stock
T-Bone Steaks$16.99In Stock
Striploins$17.99In Stock
Round Roast$6.99In Stock
4oz and 6oz Patties$6.00In Stock
Lean Ground Beef$4.99In Stock


CutPrice Per PoundAvailability
Pork Sides$2.29In Stock
Loin Chops$3.29In Stock
Homemade Sausage$4.69In Stock
Homemade Bacon$6.99In Stock
Peameal Bacon$4.99In Stock
Side Pork$3.99In Stock
Side Ribs$2.99In Stock
Back Ribs$5.99In Stock


CutPrice Per PoundAvailability
Whole Chicken$3.39In Stock
Boneless Chicken Breasts$6.99In Stock
4KG Box of Wings BBQ$65.00In Stock
4KG Box of Wings Buffalo$65.00In StockAvailable
Chicken Strips$5.99In Stock
Plain Wings$4.99In Stock